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Note for:   Jacob Epperly,   ABT 1735 - 7 MAY 1811         Index

Alias:   Han Eberle /Hans/

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Note for:   Jennie Eaton,   ABT 1782 -          Index

Alias:   /Jane/

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Note for:   Charles C. Walker,   ABT 1745 - ABT 1810         Index

Individual Note:
     Revolutionary War veteranRevolutionary War veteran
Member of George Washington's survey party before the Revolutionary War
source indicates birth as 1755
Source has death as after 1819
1810 Census,Giles County Virginia,Page 395
Charles Walker, Sr. - Head of Family
1 male under the age of 10
1 male over 10 and under 16
1 male over 16 and under 26
1 male over 26 and under 45
1 male over 45
1 female over 45
3 slaves
1820 Census,Giles County Virginia, page 123
Charles Walker - head of family
2 - males of the age of 10 and under 16
2 - males of the age of 16 and under 18
2 - males of the age of 16 and under 26
1 - male over 45 years of age
1 - female over 45 years of age
3 persons engaged in agriculture
2 female slaves over 45 years of age
1 free male colored person between 14 and 26 years of age.
NOTE: Our records indicate Charles' death ca 1810, but it appears based on the ages of the oldest male and female and that the family had 3 slaves in the 1810 census, that this is the same Charles Walker. However, I have no idea who the 6 other males would be.

Note : It is very likely that Charles Walker knew the Giles Co. Snidows (Jacob, Philip, Theophilus) as their name appears together on the Snidow Family Memorial in Pembroke, VA.

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Note for:   Thomas Walker,   ABT 1710 - 25 JAN 1770         Index

Alias:   Thundering /Tom/

Individual Note:
     migrated from England and settle in Orange County Virginia in 1734.
Naturalized 1756 Orange County, Virginia

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Note for:   Ralph Blankenship,   ABT 1662 - 1714         Index

Individual Note:
     Some researchers list Ann Blankenship as the last child of Ralph and Martha Blankenship. This same Ann Blankenship is listed as living in Massachusetts and is buried there.The Henrico County, VA listed above is present day Chesterfield County, VA. To view photos of Ralph and Martha Blankenships home site go to this URL on the internet:

Source :

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Note for:   Martha ,   1670 -          Index

Alias:   /CLAY?/

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Note for:   John Drumheller,   25 APR 1824 - 31 MAR 1924         Index

Individual Note:
     John served in the15th Virginia Cavalry, Company B during the Civil War

Source Civil War Soilders and Sailors System

Film Number M382 roll 16

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Note for:   William Drumheller,   ABT 1758 - 1860         Index

Alias:   sr. /Sr./

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Note for:   Johannes Leonard Drumheller,   1720 - 1791         Index

Individual Note:
     Leonard Drumheller (Johannes Leanard Drumheller) and his wife Henrietta"Hetty" were both born in Germany. They came to Pennsylvania on the ship"Mary and Sarah" which sailed from Amsterdam via Portsmouth, England to Philadelphia where it landed 26 Oct 1754. Leonard's signature is on the ship's passenger list and the port list. They had three for four children at the time of arrival and settled in the Western District of Berks County, PA. Several of their children stayed in Berks County but Leonard and Hetty came south to Albemarle County, probably in 1783 when Leonard bought land there.

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Note for:   Hans Bartolomaeus Trumpfheller,   1661 - 1719         Index

Individual Note:
     The information on the Drumheller Line was provided by Fulton Goddin "Gordon" Drumheller

Our Drumheller family tree appears, from what I can find, to be as follows:
- Hans Bartolomaeus Trumpfheller (1661-1719)
- Hans Leonhard Trumpfheller (1688-1758) b. Oden Wald
        Hesse, Germany
- Johannes Leonard Trumpfheller (Drumheller) (1720-1797) b. Erbach
        Oderwald (?), Germany.
        He came to America from Germany aboard the ship "Mary and Sarah",
        which landed in Philadelphia (via Amsterdam & Portsmouth, England)
        on October 26, 1754. He must have changed his name to "Drumheller"
        at some time. He settled in Berks County, PA, but later moved, with
        several of his children, and bought land in Albemarle County, VA.
- William Drumheller, Sr. (1758-1860)
- William Drumheller, Jr. (1780-?)
- John Drumheller (1828-1924) (Cannot determine/find a Middle initial)
- Messiah Drumheller (1855-1917) Wife was Arabell(a) Witt (1861-1929)
- John Messiah Drumheller ((1877-1952) - Our grandfather.
        I remember attending my grandfather's funeral in Nelson County, and
        1952 ( I would have been 13 yrs. old) seems about the right year.
        Herbert or Steve may have a better recollection.
- Silas Monroe Drumheller (1908-1993)
       - Sheila May Drumheller (1942-.
I cannot absolutely guarantee all this, but I feel reasonably sure about its
Regards, your 'uncle-in-law',